Announcing EMDC Ninjas - Part Two

What is a Ninja?

The EMDC Ninja program is a FY & SY offering where students state upfront a goal or project they would like to work on with the support of the club. If a student successfully completes this project or "mission", then they are awarded a Ninja certificate at the end of the year.

Why do it?

Its a chance to make a directed and tangible difference over the course of the year at a project of your choosing. As a FY its also a chance to peel back the layers at Darden and understand the school's workings and how to make things happen at Darden.

What is a "Ninja type"?

There are 3 types of missions and Ninja applicants select the one they prefer at the start of the year.

SQUARE: This mission is all about helping the club on an on-going basis. It allows the applicant to understand the day-to-day workings of the club.
CIRCLE: Candidates select a year-long initiative to work on at their won pace. These may include a conference, a program or some such initiative.
STAR: This is pure entrepreneurism. The candidate forms their own project and that is somehow relevant to EMDC's mission.

Introducing 3 of our 6 new EMDC Ninja Candidates:

Grant Hou:
Before Darden, I was a business developer for Siemens Industry, Inc., where I was responsible for our export business to East and Southeast Asia. During my time with Siemens, I was able to travel throughout the greater Asia region. One of my biggest takeaways from that work experience was that I noticed the gap between the developed and emerging economies in the region and the level of impact that big corporations can have on developing nations.

Though I studied engineering, I have always had an interest in world history, cultural, and social sciences. As an undergrad, I spent four semesters abroad and earned an supplemental International Plan degree, a minor in Mandarin, and certificate in East Asian Affairs. Outside of work and study, I had little engagement with emerging markets, but I have been involved in community involvement through work and volunteer. One of the things that I would like to bridge at Darden is combining local community impact into global impact.

As an EMDC Ninja, my goals for this year are to identify a Global Field Experience to source for our class next year. I will also work to help support the broader EMDC initiatives and continue to combine my interests in social impact and emerging markets.

Ranjit Damodaran:
I spent eight years with a leading technology company and built a broad base of experience through roles spanning telecom, client services, capacity management, and operations. Outside of work, I also spent time as a teacher and counselor for high-risk children, identifying means of fostering learning, and creating opportunities for their continual development.

Having worked extensively in India, I am a strong believer in the growing potential of emerging markets in the global economy. I hope to use my Darden experience to connect my long-term interests in social equity and business development. Through my work with the EMDC, I also hope to make future ‘leaders’ be better prepared to make a difference in emerging economies.

Yichen Feng:
I was an East Asian Studies and Visual Arts student in college, which naturally led me to become an analyst on the internal VC portfolio at Cisco Systems in the Valley. My job focused on managing an investment portfolio of opportunities in the BRICM countries – specifically I covered MENA and China.

As part of EMDC, I want to focus on economic development and increase awareness of various models that have seen successful in communities abroad. Financial independence is what I believe will lead to more prosperous and healthy lives. Right before Darden, I was on the founding team of Teach for Egypt.

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