Announcing EMDC Ninjas - Part One

What is a Ninja?

The EMDC Ninja program is a FY & SY offering where students state upfront a goal or project they would like to work on with the support of the club. If a student successfully completes this project or "mission", then they are awarded a Ninja certificate at the end of the year.

Why do it?

Its a chance to make a directed and tangible difference over the course of the year at a project of your choosing. As a FY its also a chance to peel back the layers at Darden and understand the school's workings and how to make things happen at Darden.

What is a "Ninja type"?

There are 3 types of missions and Ninja applicants select the one they prefer at the start of the year.

SQUARE: This mission is all about helping the club on an on-going basis. It allows the applicant to understand the day-to-day workings of the club.
CIRCLE: Candidates select a year-long initiative to work on at their won pace. These may include a conference, a program or some such initiative.
STAR: This is pure entrepreneurism. The candidate forms their own project and that is somehow relevant to EMDC's mission.

Introducing 3 of our 6 new EMDC Ninja Candidates:

Ryan Lowe:
Before Darden, I worked in marketing for FMC Corporation, a specialty chemical company, where a significant portion of my responsibility centered on leading commercial development initiatives for FMC’s food ingredients business in Latin America.

Although American, I grew up in Europe, an experience that inspired me to continue exploring new cultures and places. Working in Latin America, I became motivated and passionate about not only the benefits FMC’s products could have in improving food quality and safety, but also for the added complexities and nuances involved in doing business in emerging markets.

As an EMDC ninja, I plan on furthering my interests in exploring and positively impacting emerging markets by helping to develop Global Field Experience programs and supporting initiatives to broaden EMDC’s reach in the Darden community and beyond.

Akansha Jain:
I am a first-year MBA student at the Darden Graduate School of Business. Prior to Darden, I was a manager in a mid-sized manufacturing firm. There, I laid down the IT landscape and MIS to improve process efficiency.

Prior to that, I was a consultant at Deloitte LLP where I delivered customized customer relationship management solutions to clients. Having stayed in India and worked in the local industry, I recognize the immense scope of development besides the challenges in emerging markets.

I hope to leverage my background, combined with wealth of resources at Darden to learn more about them. I also hope to pursue activities outside of class that add value to the Darden experience for my peers.

Baker Woods:
I came to Darden having recently completed service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay, South America, where I worked in a rural community building public health resources and awareness while also spending time on gender issues and small business development.

Before that, I worked in academia and for an NGO in Cambridge, Mass, focusing on international indigenous human rights and the provision of HIV medication globally. My undergraduate years were spent at Wesleyan University, where I majored in economics while also playing on the varsity lacrosse team and studying abroad at the London School of Economics.

Born and raised in Connecticut to a mom partially raised in Thailand and a father born in Japan, I am an avid New York sports fan, love sharing a bottle (or two) of malbec with friends, and am seemingly always planning my next trip down to South America. My passion in emerging markets revolves around the role private sector reforms and ideas have in transforming development such as through public-private partnerships and impact investment.

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