EMDC: A Year in Review (2012)

EMDC has come a long way since it launched almost 2 years ago. As we close this year, we asked our out-going president (Jay Beekman) to share some thoughts on this past year. As this year's leadership team, we are extremely excited to partner with you to make 2013-2014 memorable.

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Jay Beekman:
I am extremely proud of the progress that EMDC made in just its second year in existence. The high level of student engagement in 2012-2013 is evidence of the importance of EMDC as the home for international development at Darden.

Below are some highlights from the year, including many “firsts”
  • For the first time, EMDC created and sent out a monthly newsletter with job opportunities, events, articles, and other interesting tidbits.
  • For the first time, EMDC hosted a panel at Darden’s Business in Society Conference. The “Achieving Measurable Impact in International Development” panel was expertly moderated by all-star faculty member Professor Peter Rodriguez and featured the following panelists: 
    • Heather Simpson, Senior Director of the Department of Education and Child Development at Save the Children
    • Dan Baker, NGO Global Programs Director at Accenture Development Partnerships
    • Lisa Simutami, Senior Regional Director for East Africa at Population Services International (PSI)
    • Rosario Londoño, Senior Social Innovation and Development Effectiveness Specialist at the Inter-American Investment Corporation
  • For the first time, EMDC set up a Global Field Elective (GFE). A team of four students advised an association of leather shoe manufacturers in Nicaragua on an export strategy for breaking into the U.S. market and traveled to Managua over spring break to present the deliverable.
  • For the first time, EMDC received funding from a source other than student dues.
  • For the first time, EMDC teamed with the CDC to set up a resume drop for the International Finance Corporation’s summer internship program. Over 30 first year students applied.
  • EMDC had an impressive lineup of events throughout the year:
    • Lunches: 
      • Dan Bierenbaum, Senior Researcher in the Batten Institute
      • Frank & Veronica Warnock, Professor & Senior Lecturer and Fellow in the Batten Institute, respectively (Joint Event with Net Impact)
      • Moustapha Sarhank, Postgraduate Scholar and Honorary Chairman of the Sarhank Group for Investment
      • Peter Eliassen, COO of Visionspring (Joint Event with the Healthcare Club)
    • Presentations:
      • “African Export Successes” by Ariell Reshef, Assistant Professor in UVA’s Department of Politics (Joint Event with DABO)
      • “How MBAs with Hazelnuts Changed Bhutan” by Teresa Law & Daniel Spitzer, Founders of Mountain Hazelnut Ventures (Joint Event with ABC & Net Impact)
      • “Consulting in International Development” by Sarah Glass, Senior Manager at Accenture Development Partnerships
      • “India and the Global Financial Crisis” by John Echeverri-Gent, Associate Professor in UVA’s Department of Politics (Joint Event with DSAS)
      • “In Business for Freedom – Combatting Human Trafficking in South Asia” by Kerry Hilton, Founder of Freeset (Joint Event with DSAS & Net Impact)
      • “Investing in Social Entrepreneurs to Create a World Beyond Poverty” by Jacqueline Novogratz, Founder of Acumen Fund (Several Co-Sponsors) 
The progress that EMDC made in 2012-2013 would not have been possible without the efforts of a talented and motivated leadership team. I would like to thank:
  • Amram Migdal, VP of Events – Amram sourced, arranged, and managed many of the events this year
  • Eugenia Delgadillo, VP of Finance – Eugenia spearheaded the GFE in Nicaragua and successfully applied for funding from a university source
  • Charlie Lin, VP of Careers – Charlie researched the opportunities in EMDC’s newsletters and liaised with the CDC about pertinent career opportunities
  • Isaac Salem, VP of Communications – Isaac leveraged his unique position as a joint-degree student at JHU’s SAIS to inform and compile EMDC’s monthly newsletters 
We are very all very excited to see what CJ, Rohan, Sylvester, Kyle, and Andrew have in store for EMDC in 2013-2014!

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