Welcome to Emerging Markets Development Club

The Emerging Markets Development Club (EMDC) was founded in 2011 to allow students to engage with a dual passion to build an international perspective and promote a development agenda. The mission of the club is two-fold

  • To connect interested students with relevant resources, networks, and career opportunities
  • To raise the profile of the Darden School in the international development field
As a young club, the room to expand and define our goals is immense and we are excited to work with the incoming class to mold a uniquely Darden experience. 

Our leadership team and members hail from a broad range of backgrounds. Some have come from traditional consulting or banking firms, while others have been involved in the development field through NGOs, aid organizations and social enterprises. We believe this breadth of experience is valuable and necessary in order to fully engage the international development sector. Our current activities include bringing noteworthy speakers on campus, organizing international work opportunities and partnering with like-minded organization.

For the coming year I ask that you:
 - Dream Big: We've barely scratched the surface on what's possible. We need your ideas.
 - Start Small: We're still at the first step of our journey and it'll take many small things to make a difference.
 - Get Involved: There will be opportunities to be involved as both a FY and SY. Darden is challenging, but we hope that experiences at EMDC will be well worth the effort.

Chirag Jain
Class of 2014

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